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Marriage Counseling Fort Collins

Welcome to the one and only marriage counseling Fort Collins. We are glad that you are here looking to better your relationship in relationship therapy, your marriage in marriage counseling, and your life in general.

You can be sure to meet some of the best counselors here at marriage counseling Fort Collins.

They do a fabulous job counseling those that are seeking out a better future.

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Marriage Counseling Fort Collins

fort collins couples therapy

Did you have unhealthy examples of relationships while growing up? If so, you are probably finding that you may be struggling with communication skills within your own marriage. It may be very difficult to have a healthy relationship if you have not had one to observe and learn from while you were growing up.

50% of marriages end in divorce. Why do you think that percentage is so high? Not because all of these couples just give up, but because they do not have the know-how for how to work through their differences and their misunderstandings.

It is our goal to help you turn away from any sarcasm, areas of defensiveness, or any critical behavior within your relationship. We want you to have solid trust in your relationship. Trust takes time to build but can be lost in a moment.

We want you to know how to speak kindly, how to give criticism in a kind way and how to receive criticisms with an open mind.

Our counselors are the best at doing these things. They help you to see and understand each other. They help you to know how your words are coming across to others and why it is you are thinking the things you are thinking.

When you have an outsider perspective it is so much more likely and so much easier to change your habits into ones that better yourself. Our counselors are that outsider perspective for you. They have increased amounts of knowledge and information to help you communicate respectfully

Why Choose Us?

If there is a reason you are here. What is that reasoning? It may be one reason. It may be an entire list of reasons that are years of build up. No matter what your reasoning is, we are sure that through one of our many types of couples therapy we will be able to help you.

People have loved coming to us and have been coming to us for years because we help these reasons you are coming here become very minimal or all together resolved. Marriage problems can sometimes be looked at as a wall that may seem impossible to climb over to continue on with your relationship. We help to make that wall seem like a speed bump.

Couples therapy Fort Collins CO is great because of these reasons:

  • Our therapists are highly trained
  • We see very much success in Fort Collins marriage counseling
  • We are timely in getting you in for your appointments
  • We always have an open mind, and open communication making sure you always love your counselor
  • We make it a goal for you to never feel judged

Please give us a call today. Do not wait any longer if you have a relationship that is struggling. If it is hard now, the longer you wait it will only get worse. We want to help you while you are open to the help.

We will be the help and resource that you need to restore that relationship here at marriage counseling Fort Collins.

What To Expect?

We hold very high standards here for counseling services. We know that right now in your life you are hurting. You are feeling very vulnerable as your relationship is struggling.

We typically never imagine life with the one we love becoming so painful and so distant. It can be an extremely odd feeling living in the same house as a spouse, yet feeling so alone and so distant from one another at the same time. This causes so many emotions and feelings, they can become overwhelming.

We understand this to its core. We have worked with clients time and time again to overcome these feelings. Our therapists have gained even more knowledge on couples and relationships as they have worked with people all over just like you who are struggling in one way or another.

We promptly answer your inquiries about attending counseling here with us. We like to be quick and timely in getting back with all of our clients. Time is of the essence here as we want to work through problems before they grow and you experience more hurt.

You then will have the chance to meet with one of our wonderful counselors. They will help talk you through your thoughts and feelings and bring back hope. If you have lost it, do not worry, it can be brought back.

After your counselor gets to know you and you get to know them as well, you will dive deeper into your soul and the soul of your spouse. They want to gain the best perspective and understanding from both parties.

You may wonder why they are asking questions from way back in your childhood. This is because you bring so much into a relationship due to your specific upbringing and your spouses as well.

From here they will help you to understand each other and walk you through talking through your struggles and differences. You may learn ways in which you are very similar but did not even know or realize it. From here you begin to see the changes in your relationship.

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Marriage counseling Fort Collins services

Every marriage, relationship and couple require different forms of counseling. We have here premarital and also marriage therapy. Does couples counseling help? YES! The longer we deny our emotions the bigger they get.

In couples counseling we get to talk through these emotions, settling them and settling us and our feelings that are most likely causing much distress in your life.

Pre marriage counseling Fort Collins

With premarital counseling Fort Collins we get you armed with the tools you will need to have a happy and thriving marriage. It is very easy to simply get married. To stay married on the other hand takes a lot of hard work and determination.

During pre marriage counseling you will determine what strengths you have as a couple and also what weaknesses you have as a couple.

With this knowledge and others you will learn you will be equipt for a successful and long lasting marriage.

Couples counseling Fort Collins

In couples therapy you will go over any problem that may be a block in your relationship. Some things you may go over include addictions, intimacy, communication styles, ect.

You will be walked through the steps of how to enhance and improve on these areas of your relationship that you are having a hard time with right now.

Your counselor may provide you with proper marriage advice that you will have the chance to implement into your relationship and see the effects of thereafter.

About Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a gorgeous place. Fort Collins is at the bottom of the Rocky Mountain foothills, which explains all of its beauty. It has all four seasons and is very moderate in its temperatures.

It is a moderate size college city, as it has Colorado State University in it. Much of its life and culture is centered around the students here. It has had slow and steady growth here in the Fort Collins area.

Fort Collins is known for its beer and it has 20 award winning craft breweries. 170,000 approximately is the Fort Collins population.

A few of our closest cities are to us are:

About Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a gorgeous place. Fort Collins is at the bottom of the Rocky Mountain foothills, which explains all of its beauty. It has all four seasons and is very moderate in its temperatures.

It is a moderate size college city, as it has Colorado State University in it. Much of its life and culture is centered around the students here. It has had slow and steady growth here in the Fort Collins area.

Fort Collins is known for its beer and it has 20 award winning craft breweries. 170,000 approximately is the Fort Collins population.

A few of our closest cities are to us are:

  1. Loveland, CO
  2. Windsor, CO
  3. Wellington, CO
  4. Severance, CO
  5. Timnath, CO
  6. Laporte, CO
  7. Pierce, CO
  8. Drake, CO
  9. Miliken, CO
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

What does counseling consist of?

Relationship counseling Fort Collins is where you and your significant other meet with one of our professional counselors. You will meet either the both of you, or separately depending on what is best for your relationship. Counseling helps to change some type of behavior.

We find what behavior it is that is interfering with your relationship. These could be a communication behavior, a lack of communication behavior, an addiction, ect.

Are your counselors professionals?

Yes. Each of our counselors have either their masters degree or a doctorate. They have further training in specific fields depending on their area of expertise. To know what counselor will be best for your situation and needs give us a call and we will talk you through each counselor and their area of expertise.

Will my relationship counselling sessions be confidential?

Yes. All of our Fort Collins marriage counseling is very confidential. We know the importance and make it a big priority to keep it confidential for marriage counseling. Even if you and your spouse are attending separately, these sessions will also be confidential. If you are wanting information from one of these sessions we will get you both together and have a marriage counseling session together for you two to talk about the things that you have questions about.

Can couples counselling be flexible or are they during weekdays only?

We try our best to be extremely flexible. We try to offer evening relationship counseling appointments as well as Saturday marriage counseling near me. It is not very common for couples to have flexible schedules or ones that you can take time out of the day in the middle of the weekdays, that is why we do the best to create times that you can come together to couples therapy near me on evenings or Saturdays.

Customer Testimonials

My husband and I are both on our second marriages and knew that to make it through life together we would both need to do marriage counselling. We learned so much about ourselves and know how we can better work together to have joy in our relationship.

Mallory Brown

My wife has not come yet to counseling with me but our relationship has still grown a ton. I have gained a better understanding of myself and can in turn understand my wife more. I am happy that I have been coming even though my wife hasn’t come with me.

Smith Davis

We love our counselor! We have some sessions where we are arguing and have tears from frustration trying to figure out our relationship, and then some sessions we are laughing so hard realizing certain things that are so funny. We are so grateful we have been coming to counseling!

Melonie Johnson

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Are you in marital distress? Could you find more peace and joy in your relationship? We would love to help you and your spouse get through this time of life. We have premarital counseling and couples counseling near me so that you can become stronger together, not stronger apart.

We help to create a pleasant environment where you feel safe and secure to share some of your deepest thoughts and feelings with one another. Our counselors do their best job to help you feel loved, accepted, and most importantly, not judged here at.

Call today for a free consultation for therapy. We will help point you in the right direction here at marriage counseling Fort Collins.

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